Flat Roofing Repair and Installation

Flat Roofing
Most flat roofs consist of a timber decking nailed to the roof joists covered with three or more layers of roofing felt. They are often used on house extensions and garages. Using a layer of proprietary chipping compound, such as limestone, gravel or granite on top of the layers of felt, strengthens the surface. The surface will then reflect rather than absorb sunlight, thus helping to protect the felt.

You can check the condition of your flat roof

From inside 
Check for water staining on the ceiling as this will indicate dampness getting through. Felt covering can deteriorate with age and become porous. This can result in the surface becoming uneven, buckling or cracking in areas. On a particularly wet day, check for drips of water seeping through the surface. It is useful to inspect the ceiling after a long period of rain, as the source of a leak is easier to trace. If stains are found, try tracing the source of the stain as it is not always directly overhead. Water can penetrate the roof surface and travel between the roof and ceiling level before finding its way through the ceiling.

From Outside
Outside, check the roof by inspecting at ground level. Check the apron, which is the area where the edge of the front of the roof does not meet a wall. Here strips of felt are secured over fascia boards, sealing the edges of the roof. If there is a change to the colour of a section, it could be newly exposed and therefore unweathered. If the roof is too high to allow you comfortable access by ladder for a closer inspection, use binoculars to scan the surface as carefully as possible, from all angles – front, back and sides where applicable.

The Roof Itself 
If you are using a ladder, always make sure it is set up correctly and long enough – at least three rungs above the gutter. Always work with someone standing nearby when you are working at height. Once at the roof level, only access the surface of the roof if you are sure that the structure is safe. If there are signs of dips in the roof or puddles, it could be due to the deck or the structural joists having deteriorated or perished. If you have no confidence in the strength of the roof taking your weight, use scaffold boards across the roof to spread the load when you walk across it. Ladders and scaffold boards can be hired.

Which Flat Roofing system suits you?
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